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Wound Care Compounding

Identifying Skin Wounds

Skin wounds are a common health concern, especially for elderly, bedridden individuals. However, anyone can contract a hard-to-heal skin wound. Skin wounds, like pressure sores, form when a body part sustains weight for a long period of time without relief. Many factors contribute to skin wounds; age, weight and nutrition all play a part in the development and treatment time of a skin wound.

Treating Skin Wounds

Skin wounds can be treated multiple ways by a healthcare professional. Treatments include improving mobility and nutritional intake as well as applying a topical medication to the wound.

Medication Compounding Solutions for Skin Wounds

Customceutical Compounding takes all of your individual health factors into consideration and can compound a custom topical medication to apply. These medications can help:

  • Stimulate new tissue growth
  • Reduce pain
  • Discourage bacterial overgrowth

Customceutical Pharmacists can also compound medications that help stimulate blood flow to the area around a wound. These kinds of medications can also help with overall circulation to the extremities.

Customceutical Compounding: A Custom Solution for Your Skin

Whether you suffer from a skin wound, would like to prevent one, or merely wish to improve your circulation, we urge you to contact Customceutical Compounding today. Find out how we can develop a custom compounding solution for your skin!