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Sports Medicine / Physical Therapy

From professional athletes to weekend warriors or someone with an active lifestyle, medication compounding can provide serious benefits for every kind of athlete. Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. In recent years, compounding has experienced a renaissance as modern technology and innovative techniques and research allow many healthcare providers to work with pharmacists to customize medications to provide their patients with the benefit of medications tailored specifically for certain needs.

Sports activities and fitness programs focus upon an athlete’s strengths and are customized to meet his or her individual needs. So why not do the same with medication needs?

A compounding pharmacist may be able to combine various drugs into a single dosage form to combat nerve pain, customize topical antifungal medications, or formulate special preparations to heal blisters or calluses. Compounded sun block creams, lotions, and lip balms may help protect athletes participating in outdoor sports. Working closely with both the athlete and a healthcare provider, compounding allows pharmacists to prepare medication in strengths and delivery systems that are just right for that particular athlete’s body, for the ultimate in therapy.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT), also known as Prolotherapy, is a minimally invasive injection procedure that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair chronically damaged ligaments or tendons. In Prolotherapy, the damaged ligament or tendon is injected with a substance that either directly or indirectly causes a small amount of local tissue irritation or inflammation. The resulting inflammation triggers the body’s natural repair processes to strengthen the existing tissue and to enhance the growth of new tissue.